HOW Does Drop Shipping Work if I DON'T Use Shopify?

Not all vendors will drop ship if you are unable to use Synclogic and Shopify.

Theoretically, you could have any vendor that offers open packs drop ship directly to your customers by entering their shipping info at checkout.  However, you don't know if promotional materials will be sent or how the label will read when it arrives to your customers.

At Holden Helps, we pride ourself on our willingness to help boutiques of all sizes to grow and prosper.  If you don't have a Shopify store set up yet, you are able utilize our marketing materials (we post them in our members only facebook group) to post in your facebook groups or other marketing channels. 

If you are a full service member you are able to order samples in advance of the launches that you can use to go live or create your own marketing materials!

Then, as your customers purchase products from you, you can place orders on our password protected site, entering their shipping information if you'd like us to ship to them.  You can combine orders for local pickup into one order to save on shipping.

Items shipped directly to your customers will come with a Thank You for Shopping Small Sticker that we sign from you.  The return address on the shipping label will also have your name and address on it.

All products available on our site are in stock and ready to ship and we ship within 1 business day.