HOW Does Drop Shipping Work if I Use Shopify?

You have read about drop shipping and you are intrigued but maybe you are wondering HOW exactly it works!

If you are still looking for more info on the benefits of drop shipping we have other blog posts that may be helpful to you.

If you use Shopify, this post will break down the logistics of how you can use the Syncloglic app for a simple smooth process.

Synclogic is an app you find in the Shopify App store.  It is 19.99 a month and you can use it to connect with a variety of drop shipping vendors.

Once you download the app you are able to connect to Host Stores, like ours.

How each host store sets up the connection varies a bit, I will describe the process that we use first.

How the Process Works with Us
Once you connect to us with a code we provide, our inventory will show up in your products.  You can then add those products to collections and publish them to your website just like any other product.  You can also see the inventory numbers, so you know if a product is running low.

The way we set up our connection, items will come over at our suggested retail price.  They will include a ready done product description and photos.  The description will include the brand name and any sizing advice.  

As your customers shop on your Shopify store, the funds are deposited into your account just like the sale of any other product.

Once your customer has paid, that item is reserved for them and an order is generated in our system.

Each morning, we compile your orders into a spreadsheet for you and send you an invoice.  You are able to quickly update that spreadsheet if you need to cancel any orders (for any reason) or if you'd like orders combined and sent to you.  At that point, if we need to update your invoice to reflect changes, we will.

Once you pay your invoice we ship your orders directly to your customers, or combine them to ship to you, within 1 business day (often the same day).

We copy and paste tracking directly into your spreadsheet so that is easy for you to find.

How the Process Works with Other Vendors
You will connect to their store using a specific code and their products will populate into your products with available quantities visible.

Items may sync over with the WS or Retail price, so make sure to ask how it is set up so you can make the appropriate adjustments.

Make sure to check descriptions of products as they may include information that you don't want your customers to see and you may need to add additional information that your customers want.

For most vendors that don't charge an additional fee, you will get an automatic invoice for every sale.  Make sure to check your spam as that is where most Shopify Invoices have been going lately.  Your customers items are not actually reserved for them until you have paid this invoice, so it is important to stay on top of them throughout the day.

Make sure to ask questions of the vendors about their turn around time and shipping charges, as those may not be listed directly on the items.

Both paid and unpaid synclogic connections can help you to grow your business and serve your clients, just make sure to ask questions before offering products for sale.