How to Move Unsold Samples

In our last post we talked about whether or not purchasing samples from drop shippers is the right move for your business or not.

If you have live sale shoppers, it is likely going to be an essential part of your business.

So, once your closet is full, how to do you move unsold samples?

Here are my top 3 strategies:

1. If an item reminds you of a client that is CLOSE to your size or that of an assistant, buy the sample in their size.  That way you can still show it live, but if they do claim it you have already sold your sample.

2.  Post asking for outfit or capsule requests!  If someone requests outfits in sizes that you have samples or returns of, include those items.

An examples of this would be:

Hey Friends!  Who has an epic trip planned?!?!  I am looking for 3 gals wanting me to put together a capsule wardrobe for them!  I will put together some outfits that mix and match that I think you will love.  The more piece you claim.....the better the deal gets! 

If you want more info, tell me what your favorite trip of all time was below!

3.  If you have any items that aren't sized or are one size fits all, use them as incentives or prizes. 

Need a big weekend, do an unlock the prizes using up as many of those items as possible. 

You can set this up according to your business, but an example could be:

After the first 5 orders of 25 or more, you give away earrings.  After 10 orders of $25 or more you give away a clutch.  After 20 orders you give away a kimono.  After 30 orders you give away a clutch, 40 orders a back pack and 50 orders a $100 GC to your boutique.

While samples are an investment in your future sales, especially if you still growing your business, you want to be sure you are maximizing those benefits.

I hope these strategies help you to achieve just that!