(Near) Instant Gratification: Decluttering Your In-box(es)

De-cluttering.  It's like my favorite word. The more I can de-clutter things the better things run.

Can I de-clutter some of the negative thoughts in my head?  Yep, and it runs more smoothly, allowing me to make decisions and take actions more quickly.

Can I delete a few thousand photos from my phone?  Yep and my phone runs faster and irritates me less.

Can I remove half my kids toys from our house?  I sure did and my kids enjoy what they have and engage in more creative play, yes even after I tossed more than half their craft supplies.

Did I throw away or donate more than half my kitchen utensils and bake ware?  You better believe it and I enjoy my time in the kitchen so much more and dishes are easier to keep up with.

Declutter my email accounts with nearly 100,000 un opened emails?


That sounds like so much work!  I know the peace and clarity that comes along with any kind of decluttering.  But the mere thought of all that?  OVERWHELMING, yes the all caps was necessary.

Then, I read a magic tip for near instant gratification.

Create a folder in your email titled "Before (today's date)".  Move all your emails from your inbox into that folder.

Then, create the folders that you need to keep your inbox organized.


You have an empty mail box and each day you can open your emails, unsubscribe from what you need to unsubscribe from, and put the emails that you need to keep where they belong.