Questions to ask yourself to stop the fear spiral!

Change is hard.

Our brains are wired to keep us safe.  Not to help us grow.  For thousands of years, our brains primary focus has been survival and for very necessary reasons.  The world was a very dangerous place.

The world we live in today provides us so much opportunity, but if we aren't careful our brains will lovingly keep us in a fear spiral, because they think that is how to keep us safe.

Anytime we try to make big changes in our lives, the warnings will start flashing.

It will be HARD.  It is SCARY.  I can't do X because I have to do Y.

But is any of that true?

Hear me out:

Goal: I want to be a runner.


It will be painful.  I don't know how to learn to run.  (It will be hard)

People will watch me and laugh.  (It will be scary)

I don't have time to run because I need to make my kids breakfast every morning.


You can google running programs and ease yourself into it.  The pain will be minimum, someone will teach you how to do it and you'll be shocked how quickly you aren't even sore post run.  

Most people are 100% focused on themselves and their own problems.  Or, you can run in place in your own living room.  Finally, people are no more likely to judge you for making an improvement in your life than they are for how you are currently living your life.  You might as well make progress that matters to you. 

You can make breakfast the night before.  Maybe your spouse can make them breakfast?  Heck, maybe they can make their own breakfast.  You could get up 20 minutes earlier. This is truly a solve-able obstacle if the end result matters to you.

So the next time you decide to go for something and the fear spiral thoughts start creeping up start asking yourself.

Does it really have to be hard?  Is there an easier way?
Is it REALLY that scary? Is it any scarier than what I'm currently doing?
Do I really HAVE to do Y?  Can you eliminate or tweak what that looks like just enough to make the improvement that you want?

Give yourself a few minutes to work through these questions and I think you will realize that you are truly the only one holding yourself back from achieving what you want.

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