What is most important today?

Is your head spinning?

Is your to-do list 39 items long?

You aren't alone, however it is time to get real with yourself.

On days when the chaos takes over, you need to take a moment and ask yourself "What is most important today?"

Some days, that won't be your business, and that is ok.

On the days when your business is your priority, it is essential that you start identifying the tasks that help you to move your business forward.

Here are some recommendations of things that I make a priority:

  • Scheduling texts or push notifications for my app.
  • Sending emails to reach customers that aren't on social media.
  • Sending private messages to customers when I have something they'd love, or better yet, when something they love is marked down!

Friend, you've got this.  You know what you need to do today.  Take a deep breath, get quiet and just ask yourself.  Then, do that.  

I love watching you soar,