Which things do I delegate?

If you read last week's blog post, you have a much clearer idea of the things that need to be done in your business each day and each week.

Now, it's time to determine which of those things you can take off YOUR plate!

If you already have staff or a team; who those people are will play in a deciding factor in what you delegate!  As you wrote down all the tasks, I am guessing that some of those tasks became obvious for certain members of your team.  Simply taking the time to examine all of your work flow is all it takes to start delegating better based on your individual team members' skills and strengths.

For simplicity sake, the rest of this article will focus on those that are starting from scratch in building their teams.

First go through your tasks and be really honest with yourself.  Are there things that you think should be "converting" better than they are?  Is it possible that this just really isn't your strength?  

For example, are your wall drops not selling?  What do you think the weak link is?  Your photos? Your copy? Are you posting them at the right time?  Find the weak or missing link, and consider finding someone who has a natural talent in that area.  If you are not getting results, its time to either delegate this task or drop it from your list entirely.  It can always be added back to the list at a later date.

If there is anything on your list that just doesn't need to be there right now, THIS is the time to remove it.  Even as you build your team, you still can't do everything at once and the key to growth without overwhelm is in focusing on one or two areas of growth at a time.  By delegating, you can drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to implement new strategies and systems and add the next one far more quickly, but trying to do everything at once is a great way to be "busy" without a whole lot of forward progress. 

Next, what tasks do you KNOW are super important, and yet they just aren't getting done? Maybe it's because you are overwhelmed.  Maybe it's because you hate it or maybe its because you aren't super confident completing it.  It doesn't really matter why you aren't doing it, if it's never getting done, but you know it's important, that is a great task to start delegating.

I know that it can be hard to hand things over.  I know it can be scary to decide who you can trust. 

But I promise, as you narrow your own focus each day, you will see growth in your business and little more peace in your life. 

Next week I will share some strategies on how to find the people that will make up your dream team.