Coaching and Mentor Options

At Simply Drop Shipping we are passionate about two things: Helping women succeed in business (on their terms) and how the drop shipping model can positively impact the lives and businesses of boutique owners.

We firmly believe that when women succeed in business, the world is a better place!

When it comes to starting your boutique or implementing drop shipping, it can seem very overwhelming.  But the truth is, someone has walked this path before and can help you get hyper focused on the tasks that actually matter.  

We offer a few options for getting the support that you need.

Money Money, Less Problems Drop Shipping Course $97

The perfect course to help you create a customized plan for implementing drop shipping in your business.

Perfect for the established business owner looking to implement drop shipping or who has been using drop shipping but is realizing that it either isn’t as profitable as they’d like or it isn’t actually saving them time.

Course Addresses:

  • Finding the perfect vendors for your business.
  • Creating a customized pricing strategy for your business.
  • Creating systems so that your business flows.
  • Tech Help with Synclogic

More Money, Less Problems Course

More Money, Less Problems VIP $300

4- Weekly 1 hour calls to identify areas of concern and develop concrete action steps.  We can cover a variety of topics.

  • Technology How To's (I am not a shopify site builder, but I am very proficient with day to day maintenance and synclogic).
  • Selecting vendors to sync with
  • Pricing strategies to ensure profitability
  • Strategies for dealing with shipping costs
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Time management and delegation
  • Mind set tricks to help you stay on track.
Unlimited Messenger Support During the 4 weeks.

Access to the Money Money, Less Problems Drop Shipping VIP

Clarity Deep Dive $125
2 Hour zoom meeting where we dig deep into what is and isn’t working in your business to identify the 1 thing that you focus on to see results, fast.

Then we create a customized plan of action to help you succeed.

Purchase the Clarity Deep Dive

Tech Head Ache Relief

Synclogic, the Shopify app that connects your inventory with the vendors is super powerful and once it is set up correctly, it makes your life SO MUCH easier. 

However, set up can cause just a few head aches.  Let us handle this for you!  

This is a customized offering.  We will start with a quick consult call where we discuss the vendors you want to sync with and how you have collections set up on your website.  Then we will provide you with a quote for the cost and an estimated turn around time.

Once you decide to go for it, we will set up your connections (so products come over how you want them too) and get all existing products organized and posted on your website.

Finally, we will have a final consult call where we show you how to maintain your connections and post new inventory as your vendors do.

Depending on the number of Synclogic Connections you use, this can be a small investment of $50-$200+.

Are you ready to get started or do you have some questions about working with us?

Send me an email at to get started!