What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a service where you purchase items from a wholesaler once your clients have purchased.  The item is then shipped directly to your clients.

It can save you money, time and space as you no longer have excess inventory and shipping is handled for you!

    What do I need to be able to get started?

    You need to have a Tax Id Certificate from your state before you can sign up!

     If you want to have inventory sync automatically (so you don't have to worry about claiming items when your customers do) you will need a Shopify Account and you will need to download the SyncLogic App.

    Do I have to use Shopify?

    It is not required!  Without Shopify you will need to order from our website.  

    There is always the possibility that items could sell out between when your customer orders and when you order.

    How often do you launch new products?

    For our Simply Drop Shipping Program we launch products every Tuesday.

    There will be at least 8 products a week, often more.  Each week you can count on at least 5 shoe options. We look forward to continuing to grow and expand what we are able to offer you.

    What about damages or returns?

    Upon arrival in our warehouse, each item is carefully inspected.  If a damage slips past us, we will replace for your customer if we have the item in stock, if not we will provide you with the option of a credit on your next order or a refund.

    You are responsible for handling any customer service issues like sizing issues, etc. according to your own personal return policy.

    Where do the products come from?

    We do all the legwork sourcing a variety of seasonally appropriate items for you, saving you hours and hours of scrolling.  

    We strive to support other small businesses when the opportunities allow.

    Here is the best part for you though!  At the time of the launch, ALL products will in our warehouse, ready to ship to your customers as soon as your invoices are paid.

    How does it work?

    We utilize SyncLogic, an app in Shopify to connect our inventory with yours.  As items sell, the inventory on your website will automatically update.  You will no longer need to hurry to claim something in fear of it running out or drop what you’re doing to order something from a website.

    What about my local customers?

    If you have multiple orders come through on a single day that need to be shipped to you for locals, feel free to head straight to the website and place an order for those items!  You can disregard your invoices.