Shipping Policy

All items will be shipped according to invoices within 1 business day of payment to the address on file with the order, unless otherwise arranged.

Shipping is flat rate based on weight.

Up to 6 ounces is $4.

Up to 1 lb is $6.

Up to 1.5 pounds is $10

Up to 5 pounds is $12

5+ pounds is $20

We use cubic rate shipping as it is most cost effective for shipping shoes.  If we are able to more shoes shipped for less, we will refund down a tier for your order once the order has shipped.  The most common time this happens is when you have an order for 5+ pounds, that we are able to fit into a single package.  In this case we would refund you $8.  If we have a non shoe item that has to ship priority but fits in a padded mailer, we will refund $2 and ship it that way!